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Cleaning Of Stainless Steel By Live Chemical Welding: Method

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Stainless steel is the preferred material for industrial or building applications because of its strong corrosion resistance and high endurance. It can be easily manufactured and maintained, and the cost is low. Stainless steel processing in industrial environment is a test of corrosion resistance of welded stainless steel strip. Corrosion usually occurs in welds. For this reason, pitting and structural failure will lead to a disaster.


Electrochemical cleaning

Surface corrosion protection of stainless steel. There are a few ways to do this, one of which is electrochemical cleaning. The mechanism of electrochemical cleaning is similar to electropolishing. Electrochemical polishing is considered to be more convenient, such as electropolishing, pickling or even mechanical cleaning. When pulsing current, you don't have to deal with dirt, annoying problems, polishing compounds, or excessive noise. In addition, the appearance and surface of stainless steel did not change: it just returned to its original state, neat and bright. Electrochemical cleaning is an important step in passivating and improving surface treatment of corrosion resistance.  Electrochemical cleaning is a very flexible cleaning method, which can be used in the installation process. It can also be used as a remedy.


Electrochemical cleaning process

During electrochemical cleaning, you may expect to see a mild electrolyte added to dissolve the rust, iron contaminants and other forms of blemishes and blemishes on the surface. For this reason, stainless steel is only made to look clean. The current being used may be alternating current or direct current. The performance of the process varies depending on the current you use. As mentioned previously, the electrochemical process makes the stainless steel surface clean.  However, it does not have a slight scratch, etching or polishing surface. After completion of cleaning, any non-metallic inclusions are completely dissolved. In addition, electrochemical cleaning ensures further accumulation of no more corrosive contaminants. After electrochemical cleaning, the overall local corrosion of stainless steel decreased obviously.


Suitable for welding

Electrochemical cleaning of stainless steel welds can achieve better corrosion resistance, which is an integral part of welding. In most cases, electrochemical cleaning is carried out using portable electrochemical cleaning equipment. The research shows that the electrochemical cleaning method is very good in welding, and even improves the corrosion resistance of the weld.



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