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China's November Surge In Imports Of Raw Materials From The

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Analysts believe that due to several Chinese varieties of black and nonferrous metal prices continued to rise in the near future, led imports increased, especially coal and iron ore. But analysts believe that speculative funds have played an important role in this market, some varieties of the future rally is unlikely to last.

Copper imports

Chinese copper imports in November of 380,000 tons, the highest level since June, the chain jumped 31%.

November imports of copper ores and concentrates to 1.76 million tonnes, grew close to 30%, an increase of 22.22%.

This suggests that shipments to China fell in October to the lowest in nearly two years after a rebound. Reuters article, mainly merchants take advantage of the strong demand comes as stock.

But so far this year, China's copper imports fell 17.39%, reflects demand growth Outlook remains bleak.

Reuters quoted analysts as saying, China's copper abroad may not continue in 2017, because depreciation of the Renminbi hurt imports, and lunar new year before winter demand growth of China's construction industry as a whole is usually not high.

Argonaut Helan, metals analyst Lau gives Hong Kong another reason: arbitrage between LME and on space is reduced. Stacking these factors "difficulty in maintaining growth next year. ”

Iron ore imports

China's November 91.98 million tons of imported iron ores and concentrates, earlier in January to 80.8 million tonnes of a sharp pick-up in sequential growth rates of nearly 14%. Monthly import volume of iron ore in September this year at all-time record highs the previous high of 92.99 million tons. Total imports reached first 11 months 935 million tons.



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