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Elevator Broken Wire Reason Analysis Of Stainless Steel Wire

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1) overload broken wires. Stainless steel wire rope under load or overload the lift caused by shock load, the fracture is Cup-shaped plastic shrinkage, due to the large elevator wire rope safety factor, this rare broken.

(2) fatigue. Appears in the unit's maximum bending side of the outer wires, broken wire of metal fatigue, fracture shape is flatter.

(3) wear broken wires. Stainless steel wire rope and caused friction between the sheave to slip, wear this wire break in wire is extremely serious and occurs in the outer wire was oblique fractures on both sides of stubble, the fracture surface flat.

(4) the corrosion broken wires. Serious corrosion. Stainless steel wire rope fracture surface is irregular, with the soldering tip shape.

(5) shear cut wire. Hard break or hit, squeeze caused by the larger force. A shear-shaped stainless steel wire rope fracture.

(6) the broken wires in twist. Broken wire in this seldom occurs in normal use, only appear in the stainless steel wire rope kinks caused by relaxation appear. Fracture shape is flat and smooth.



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